Benefits of Wellness Walks in the Workplace

By: Megan Jones

Do you ever get so consumed with work, that when you finally look at the clock you realize you have been sitting for over 4+ hours and haven’t moved or even had a sip of water. Work can pull us in a lot of directions and if we aren’t cognizant, we can accidentally spend a large amount of the day sitting. Numerous studies show that sitting for the majority of the day isn’t good for our health. One way that I break up my work day is to go on a 10-15 minute wellness walk. I have it blocked on my calendar and it reminds me every day to get up at least once. It is great for your health and to bring some levity into your workday. Here are 4 benefits of wellness walks in the workplace.

Taking a Break is Good Thing

There are days when I am working on the same thing for too long that I get frustrated and need to step away. Taking a break allows you to clear your head and at times get some much-needed clarity. Going on walk can give you time to get some movement, clear your head and come back refreshed. Some days we may feel like there are not enough hours in a day. However, sometimes taking a small break can allow you to be more productive. It allows you to take the time to decompress and come back with a refreshed and clear mind.

Decompress and Meditate

Walking allows me to clear my mind and decompress. I take a moment to focus on breathing and nature. These walks allow me to relax and stretch my legs. You may also find that these walks can help de-stress or see where in your body that you are holding onto stress.

Socialize with Colleagues

Taking a team wellness walk will allow your colleagues to have a daily interaction and is a great way to bring the team together. It can increase collaboration and team culture. Whether they talk about issues with work or their personal lives it allows the team to interact in a casual setting.

Movement is Magnificent

Many of us may feel as though are jobs keep us sedentary. For me personally, I sit for the majority of my day. Even when I take my lunch break, I just move to a different location to sit. If I do not take the opportunity to walk then I will have sat for 8 hours working, sat in my car during the commute, sit while eating dinner and then sit again to watch a TV show to decompress. If you take a moment to realize how much we truly are sitting it may surprise you that it takes up the majority of your day. Even though 10-15 minute walk isn’t a lot, it is a great way to get a little movement in. Moreover, creating 1 small healthy habit, can introduce the change for you to introduce others!

Taking a wellness walk has numerous benefits that you and your colleagues can benefit from. Consider implementing a walk into your daily or weekly schedule to see the benefits of wellness walks in the workplace!

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