Why Choose PsiNapse

The success of your business

is our business.

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We’re partners, not vendors.

From the beginning, our Founder, Sylvia, created PsiNapse differently. It’s in our name. ‘PsiNapse’ (Ψ + ‘synapse’) is all about a three-pronged approach to connection.


Our goal is to:


  1. Foster collaboration and open communication
  2. Build meaningful partnerships
  3. Create success on the individual and corporate level

Tap into our wide network.

We’ve been doing this in the Bay Area for over two decades. With our deep roots here we have the connections and expertise to give you the compassionate, competitive edge.

Recruit and screen candidates that are just the right fit for you.

We are a boutique staffing agency, which means we actually get to know all of the people that we work with, personally. We aren’t filling positions with random people who we hope will turn out to be a good fit. We make sure to really get to know the candidates that we submit. We spend time speaking with them. Walk them through what the position entails. Assess whether they are a good culture fit with the help of real insight we get from our clients and from the efforts we make to get to know their company.

And then we go further, with our specialized on-boarding process and high-touch follow up.

We provide real-time support when we have a candidate interviewing or on the job to make sure that the position and employee are (and remain) a good fit. We value strong and open communication and work hard to ensure that there is no break-down in communication lines anywhere.

Diversity and Inclusion.

Want to promote and foster a more diverse, compassionate workforce? Change starts from within; and who you work with matters. PsiNapse is 8(m) certified as a 100% minority, woman-owned enterprise. We are passionate about finding the right people for your company from the widest and most, diverse pool of candidates.

We care about you and your people. The success of your business IS our business.

Let us prove it to you.

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Prefer human contact? We do too.
(925) 225-0400