Why is Recognition Important?

By: Megan Jones

Happy World Gratitude Day! Last week’s article focused on providing gifts to show your gratitude to your colleagues and managers. But today, let’s focus on why gratitude is important and how easy it can be to give and receive recognition. Today let’s focus on why recognition is important!

What is Recognition?

Recognition is praise or gratitude given for a job well done. In my opinion it is best to give in the moment. It can be as simple as saying “Thank you”. By saying thank you, you have recognized someone’s efforts or service. Additionally, you can expand and explain why their efforts were greatly appreciated, for example, “Thank you for assisting me in completing this report”.  This allows your employee to know exactly why their efforts were appreciated.

In my opinion recognition should be given frequently. It is important to recognize your employees’ efforts. However, it is important to remember that recognition is not a gift or reward. Giving a reward or gift can be a way to express your gratitude but recognition is the simple act of recognizing effort.   

Why is Recognition Important?

Everyone loves to be recognized for their efforts. As a manager it is important to give recognition to your employees. Likewise, as an employee you can still give recognition to your manager and other colleagues. Recognition is for all, and it is important to give! When you provide recognition, it makes your employees feel valued, seen and appreciated for their efforts.

Moreover, appreciating your employees and colleagues can increase morale, motivation, retention, and productivity. It can build connection between you and your employees. Additionally, it can let employees know what is expected of them and help them grow professionally.

How to Give Recognition

To give recognition it is important to know and understand your employees. Like any situation with your direct reports, the feedback or recognition you give should be catered to the individual. Remember recognition should be authentic and impactful and your delivery and style can make a huge difference in how it is received.

Some employees may not have a preference whether you announce it to the group or do it privately. Others may prefer you to be more reserved when showing your gratitude to them. Take the time to learn and understand your employees to ensure that the recognition you give is the most impactful it can be.

Remember recognition is important to give. When your employees and colleagues do something, it is great to recognize their efforts. Additionally, if you are looking for a way to show your recognition check out last week’s article on how to Celebrate World Recognition Day!

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