The One Billion Dollar Morning Routine

By Megan Jones:

Could it be that becoming a billionaire is as easy as adjusting your daily morning routine? Possibly! Upon interviews with some of the world’s most economic elite, there are numerous similarities between billionaire’s morning routine. Although, one cannot solely correlate a morning routine to one’s economic success, starting your morning out with good habits can alter your mindset and assist in having a more productive day. Consider trying out the one-billion-dollar morning routine, it could enforce new positive and productive daily habits!

What is the One Billion Dollar Morning Routine?

Jim Kwik, a renowned brain coach who has worked with CEO’s athletes, and executives cultivated the perfect morning routine, known as the One Billion Dollar Morning Routine. This routine encompasses a total of fourteen steps before you start your day. Although, that may seem daunting, this routine specializes in self-care to all aspects of your body. The goal of this routine is to promote, structure, productivity, and self-care.

The Billion Dollar Morning Routine
  1. Wake up Early: A benefit to waking up early is reduced stress because there is not a rush throughout your morning.
  2. Recall your Dreams: Recalling your dreams allows you to process your subconscious thoughts, and allots the opportunity to be mindful and focus on the self.
  3. Make your Bed: Making your bed is a great way to complete a task first thing in the morning! It can set you up for success!
  4. Drink a Glass of Water: A great way to start your morning, and to ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day.
  5. Take Vitamins: Vitamins ensure that we provide our body with essential nutrients that we might not receive from food.
  6. Meditation: Meditation is the practicing of spending time with the mental calm. Studies have shown it can improve mental health and clarity and allow you to check in with your body’s internal needs.
  7. Exercise: Exercise is pivotal for a happy heart and good health. Many billionaires prefer to exercise in the morning can help keep stress levels down throughout the day.
  8. Take a Cold Shower: Taking a cold shower can be beneficial because it activates your neurons and promotes good circulation. As we approach the summer months, maybe consider trying a cold shower!
  9. Make Tea: Your morning beverage is ritualistic. Consider tea as a great way to stimulate your senses whilst not exhausting your adrenal glands from caffeine.
  10. Write in Your Journal: Writing in your journal provide another wonderful opportunity to check in with yourself, see where your stressors are and how to navigate them.
  11. Create a To Do, To Feel and To Be List: Planning and to do lists are essential. Studies show that when you write things down you are more likely to complete them. Moreover, lists can keep you organized through out the day. Therefore, Kwik recommends also writing a “to feel” and “to be” list. He uses the metaphor to be a thermostat not a thermometer. A thermometer, reacts and changes to its environment. In comparison, a thermostat is set in advance. Consider using this mindset to be active what you want to feel and who you want to be.
  12. Read: Studies have shown that reading after exercising is optimal because your brain is more stimulated.
  13. Make a Smoothie: Breakfast is an the most important meal of the day, and a smoothie provides the opportunity to get numerous nutrients from fruits, vegetables, protein in fiber all in one meal!
  14. Start your Day: Finally, after you have completed these tasks, there is no doubt that you will feel accomplished! The idea is to set your day up right, so that you are continuously productive!

Important Notes to Take Away from the Billion Dollar Morning Routine:

Although, this routine may not be feasible for everyone, consider implementing a few of these steps into your routine and see how they make you feel. Overtime you could incorporate more and adjust as needed for what works for you. The key takeaways from this routine are that mornings should have structure. It reduces stress and set you up to be more productive throughout the day. However, you take this routine it might be worth a shot at giving it a try!

Maybe consider implementing a few or all of these steps into your morning routine—it just might make you feel like a billion bucks!

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