Showcase Your Core Competencies!

By: Megan Jones

If you are looking for key attributes to display on your resume and in the workplace look no further…let’s talk core competencies! A core competency is a trait or attribute that every hiring manager or manager seeks in their employees. What does this mean? These are traits you would want to display in your resume, during an interview and in the workplace. Let’s find out what they are are and how to showcase your core competencies throughout hiring process and workplace!


Hiring managers want to see your go-getter attitude and that you can take initiative in projects throughout your position. Be active and seek new projects or opportunities. Additionally, showcase this skill throughout your resume and interview process.

  • Resume: Explain projects that you worked on with tangible results
  • Interview: Explain projects that you worked on and your role within them. Ask questions about the hiring managers expectation and goal for you with in 30 days, 60 days and 90 days.
  • Workplace: Set goals! Whether this is your own personal goals or company goals, create 3-5 goals that you would like to accomplish. Then have a meeting with your boss at the beginning of the year and let them know what your goals are. Next, set a time around the six-to nine-month mark to check in on these and finally complete an end of the year evaluation to show the tangible results of what you accomplished throughout the year.


Communication is essential in any position. However, there are a multitude of styles and channels to communicate through. Moreover, many colleagues will have a communicative preference. This skill is pivotal to harness and to use the appropriate communication channel for each situation. Consider how you prefer to communicate. Then extend that same courtesy to your colleagues.

  • Resume: You can add communication in your skills section. Additionally, you can use examples throughout your work experience section that display written and verbal communication
  • Interview: Consider using examples of your communication skills when you get asked questions about a “Stressful situation” or “Do you work better alone or with a group?”. In the second question use communication as an example for how you navigate both situations.
  • Workplace: Everyone communicates differently. Sometimes the best way to learn someone’s communication style is to ask! Do they prefer emails, or phone calls? Do they prefer direction in a meeting setting or written through email? These are important factors to consider when choosing a communication channel.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict will unfortunately, inevitably happen in the workplace. The key is to learn and grow from the situation (check out last week’s article on conflict resolution!). The goal is how you address and resolve conflict to ensure there is still a positive work environment.

  • Interview: Remember the : “Stressful situation” or “Describe a situation that you overcame” these are great questions to showcase your conflict management skills.
  • Workplace: When conflict arises, look at it as an opportunity for growth, collaborate with your colleague to resolve the conflict together!

Stress Management

Your job can be stressful, but it is important to ensure you can manage it. Come up with a few routines that relax you and implement those throughout the workplace. Common ways to destress are to: get up and take walk, take a break from a project, or take a few calming breaths.

  • Resume: Describe examples where you handled multiple projects
  • Interview: Another opportunity to showcase your skill of describing a stressful situation and how you managed it.
  • Workplace: If you have multiple projects or tasks. Use your stress management techniques or routine to help your de-stress then begin to tackle your plan with goals and ambition!

From the beginning process of submitting a resume to being in the workplace, these are the skills your manager and colleagues will appreciate! Ensure that you actively display these traits and your skillset and core competencies will continue to grow! Moreover, if you’re looking for someone to talk about what competencies you possess or need for your next hire consider Psinapse!

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