5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Accepting A New Job

By: Megan Jones

We have all been told it is always important to ask questions throughout out application process especially when you’re interviewing. But what about asking yourself questions that will help make your decision. You may have found the “perfect position” but you are doing yourself an injustice if you don’t consider external factors. Let’s talk about the important questions to ask yourself before accepting a new job.


Commute is potentially one of the biggest factors to consider.

  • How will you be getting to your job?
  • Will you drive? Do you have to take public transportation?
  • Will you have to switch to multiple types of public transportation?
  • How frequently does the public transportation depart from its station?
  • Does your office have parking, or will you need to pay for parking or walk to work?
  • Moreover, how long will this commute take you?

These are all important factors to consider. From the cost of public transportation to the time it will take you to get to work, these are crucial  costly factors. Additionally, remote positions have become increasingly common and, in some instances, preferred. If applying for a remote position, an important question to ask is the permanence of being remote. Furthermore, if you are expected to travel to the office, how often will that be and how much notice will the company provide?

Long Term Career Goals

When applying and accepting an offer ask yourself, how does this fit into my career goals?

  • Is this a steppingstone to where I want to be in the future?
  • What the skills and expectations I can expect to learn and grow here? Does that correlate with what I am looking to accomplish?
  • Furthermore, is there room for internal growth in this company?

Although, your first position may not be or have been a steppingstone to your long-term career goals it is an important factor to consider.

Remember from working in a restaurant to corporate job, every position will have a wonderful skillset to teach you. It is up to you how you apply it and where you can grow towards your goals there.

Company Culture

You should learn about the company and see if it is a match to a culture you would like to work in. The first step is to go to their webpage and do your research. Check out the About Us page, then look at their reviews on Glassdoor. Additionally, it is a great question you can ask in your interview. Be cautious and conscientious of the verbiage they use to describe the organization. The connotation of the term fast paced is very different than the connotation of collaborative or flexible environment.

Another tip to consider this further is ask the hiring manager, what are some key traits you are looking for a candidate to have in this position? See the key traits they require for the position and reflect if you are a match to those qualities.

How Am I Presenting Myself?

First, to best present yourself professional ensure you submit an quality resume and cover letter. Remember your resume and cover letter are not one size fits all! Your resume should be tailored to the position and the use their job description as a guide to experience they are looking for. Then adjust your resume to fit within that criteria. For more tips check out our article on How to Create an Outstanding Resume.

Additionally, remember your social media profile matters! Your LinkedIn should always be updated with your most recent experience and skills. However, potentially more importantly is your social media presence. Hiring managers may look into your social media presence. Google yourself and see what appears. Look at your social media, is it a good representation of who you are? Would it reflect well to a hiring manager? If not, consider making the appropriate changes.

Is this Position Within Proper Compensation for Myself?

Money can be an uncomfortable discussion to talk about, but it is crucial to discuss before accepting a position. It is not usually appropriate to discuss with the hiring manager within the first interview. But once moving along the interview process it is an important question to ask. Here are a few factors to consider when discussing compensation.

  • Does it match with the criteria of the position? Given the responsibilities of the position are you being properly compensated?
  • What is included in the package? How much PTO will you receive and what percentage of is PTO covered? What is there holiday plan? What are the benefits packages and what does their retirement plan entail?
  • Does this salary match your standards of living?

Compensation is an important discussion to have with the hiring manager and yourself. Is the salary offered acceptable for yourself? Consider your finances and again consider the cost of commute, and the overall benefits package. Moreover, does the experience you will receive match the compensation? There are times that we may compromise in one area such as a longer commute or more vacation time for a smaller salary. This is important aspect to think about when applying for a job.

Bonus Question: Do you need assistance weighing your options or finding a position that matches your criteria?

Consider PsiNapse to help you find your next opportunity! We are happy to help you weigh your options and find your perfect match!

Happy Job Hunting!

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