Motivational Questions to Ask Your Employees

By: Megan Jones

On average employees spend at least 40 out of 128 hours a week at work. It can become overwhelming or exhausting at times, so it’s exceptionally important to keep your employees excited and motivated at work. Have a meeting to discuss their motivations and what excites them about the job. Learn about your employees and work with them to help them achieve their goals. Not only will you learn more about them, but it can also create a stronger bond in morale in your team! Consider using these motivational questions to ask your employees.

What tasks or projects do you enjoy working on?

Ask your employees what projects excite them, or areas they enjoy being a part of. Then, when feasible try and put them on those projects. Employees who enjoy their work are more likely to create high quality work and it will positively reinforce that they enjoy their job because they enjoy what they are doing. Moreover, when having this discussion ask your employee what aspects they enjoy about the project and consider assigning them additional projects or tasks that fit within the criteria of what they enjoy!

Do any of your responsibilities feel too difficult or time consuming? Where would you like to learn more or improve?

These are essential questions because your employee should feel comfortable being candid about their responsibilities and if there is a section of their role that needs additional assistance. Additionally, every employee will have areas to improve upon, but improvement is where growth begins. Ask your employee where they would like to grow professionally. Then with proper guidelines consider having them sit in, assist, or take on a project that would provide them with the opportunity to improve.

What Improvements Would You Like to See?

Every employee wants to feel heard and that their input is valued. Listen to your employee when they provide you feedback on about the organization. Additionally, your employee may have a different perspective that is important and should be valued!

Do You Feel Comfortable Speaking Your Mind at this Company?

Again, employees should feel confident in speaking how they feel. There are of course, appropriate times and jargon to do so, but as a manager you should strive to have an open line of communication with your employees, and they should be able to discuss work matters or company culture with you candidly.

What are your Career Goals? Am I helping you achieve those goals?

As a manager you are a leader, and you should strive to have your employees grow wherever that may take them. Many employees will feel more motivated if they feel that they can grow and aren’t stagnant in their position. Moreover, employees that feel motivated to grow will more likely grow within the company and stay long term. As a manager you should support them assist with their growth.

Remember as a manager it is apart of your role to help motivate your employees. It will help them feel capable, confident, and happy to be at work.

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