Master Your Time Management

By: Megan Jones

Are you making the most out of the day, or do the hours just slip right through your fingertips? Are there days that even though you are working tirelessly you don’t have a final product to show by end of day?  Although we can’t physically slow time down, here are a few ways to master your time management.

Track Your Time

In order to improve your time management, you need to know how you are spending it. Consider downloading a tracking app such RescueTimeToggl or my app Calendar. These track all your work progress throughout the week. At the end of the week, you can access a report and see what has been taking up the most of your workday. Find out how you are currently managing your time and then you can begin to adjust where you see fit!

Stop Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is impossible to do, to be the most effective you must focus on the task at hand. If you are working on a report or project, fully focus on it, do not answer emails or take phone calls. It will distract you and take your mind away from your work.

Create a To-do List

Although this might seem like a no-brainer, lists and goals are imperative in helping you achieve your goals. First, start by writing what you are seeking to accomplish, to create a finite list of items you want to complete. You are more likely to complete something that you have written down. Additionally, it will feel great to be able to check something off your list. Moreover, lists will help you delegate your time. Although, meetings can seem tedious and emails can seems constant find a time to do it all. Delegate time to solely answer your emails. Schedule a meeting when you have the time and opportunity to focus in. Creating lists will help you block out your day and make each task time effective.

However, remember to keep your list reasonable, do not create a list that is not feasibly possible to complete within a work day. This will lead to you to feel defeated and that you didn’t accomplish your goals. If you have numerous tasks to complete plan them out around the week, so you have a n appropriate list of what can be accomplished each day.

Schedule Appropriate Timing

This is done in two ways. One, schedule the amount of time you would like to finish each task. This will not only help you transition from one task to the next, it will also keep you focused because you only have a set amount of time to complete it. Additionally, when planning time, plan an additional buffer period of time. Although, running from task to task might sound effective, it doesn’t not provide you with the time and clarity to complete tasks effectively, and may delete your mental stores. Plan for buffer time, to transition from one task to the next effectively.

Perfection doesn’t Exist

To be efficient and accurate you do not have to be perfect. Complete a task within your time boundaries and then move onto the next. To be effective you cannot keep going back to the same task , because you will never accomplish what you initially set out to do. If you do your best and that is perfect within itself.

We hope these tips and tricks help you manage and enjoy your time!

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