Let’s Talk About the Benefits of Weekly Check-Ins

By: Megan Jones

Everyone wants to feel heard and have the opportunity to voice their opinion. Having weekly check-ins are a great way to do it! Check-ins are important, it aids your relationship with your employees or manager and provides an open channel for communication and feedback. These check-ins do not have to be more than 15-30 minutes but providing time to have discussion is a great way to connect with your manager or colleagues. Especially in today’s working world where your position may be partially or entirely remote, these check-ins allow employees to feel connected to their company and cultivate stronger relationships with their colleagues. Let’s talk about the benefits of weekly check-ins!

Builds and Enhances Company Culture

You want your employees to feel connected to the company they work for. Again, especially in today’s world where many of us may experience working remotely, you can easily feel isolated. Moreover, if you are new to the company, check-ins allow you to meet and begin forming relationships with your colleagues. Having good relationships with your co-workers and managers is positively correlated with employee retention. These check-ins do not have to be explicitly formal, but they can be a way for employees to get to know each other and build a relationship.

Provide Clarity

Weekly check-ins allow managers to relay information to staff on a regular basis. This ensures staff members are always up to date with the most current information. Additionally, as new information comes and projects may need to be delegated, it gives your staff notice of what may be coming down the pipeline or what projects may be on the horizon. Moreover, if there are any questions, weekly check-ins can be a time to get all questions answered. Managers can relay the information all at once to avoid getting the repetitive emails from your staff members.

Identifying Promotion Potential

Filling higher positions may be best to fill internally because the employee is already familiar with the culture and the policies in play. Having weekly check ins provides you the opportunity to see who may make an excellent candidate for a promotion. It is an opportunity for you to see how employees act in a group setting. Does anyone interrupt each other? Are teams cohesive? Who is eager to take on a project and who shows up late? All of these are important factors to consider in deciding who may be your best option to promote and this information is readily available to you in check-ins.

Keep Your Employees Updated on Key Tasks

Weekly check-ins allow managers to delegate small projects to team members and because these check-ins are weekly you can create a fast turn around time for these projects to be completed or get status updates on longer projects. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to inform your team weekly about any updates or shifts that are going on. This in turn, will keep your employees feeling connected to the workplace.

Improve Problem Solving

Having weekly check-ins allow employees to voice their concerns or challenges within their position. It provides the opportunity for the manager to give advice, or a mentoring opportunity to guide your employee on how to solve an issue. These check-ins will keep you up to date on their growth and their ability to solve challenges.

Weekly Check-ins are overall a great way to enhance your relationship with employees and can positively enhance your workplace!  

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