How to Increase Work Productivity

By : Megan Jones

As California continues to open, more and more employers are starting to ask their employees to return to the office. Although this can be daunting, don’t let your return to office decrease your productivity! Here are a few tips to increase work productivity whether you return to office or will remain working remotely!

1. Set Goals

Make a list of what you would like to accomplish that day. Then, take it a step further and write down the sub-steps to complete the task. Breaking a project down assists in making it seem less daunting. Additionally it will make you feel more accomplished when you can complete each sub-step to finish the project.

Furthermore, you can create timelines or deadlines of how long you want each project or sub-step to take. This will help keep you on track and ensure that you remain focus if you set a deadline.

*Take advantage of your commute! If you commute by public transportation, take this time to make these lists, this will maximize your time once you arrive to work*

2. Stop Multitasking

It’s tempting to try and tackle numerous things at once in order to maximize productivity but unfortunately, multitasking is humanly impossible and studies indicate it is not very effective. Although we may think we are stellar at doing multiple tasks at once, our brain is just switching from task to task at an exponential rate. This leads to the brain exhausting its energy reserves in addition to increased mistakes. Take the time to address the task at hand before moving to the next!

3. Take Breaks

Although in the moment it might not seem like you need a break, it is important to step away from your work and give your body a chance to rest. You will most likely end up being more productive when you return because you are giving your brain and body a chance to relax. Furthermore, when you are in the moment you might not have the perspective or resolution you desire. Provide yourself the opportunity to relax and exhale to improve your mental clarity. Additionally, exercising during your break can be even more beneficial. Consider taking a brief stroll around your office to help keep your mind on track.

4. Try Implementing the “Two-Minute Rule”

According to Steve Olenski, finding and immediately completing tasks that take two minutes or less actually saves you time. Many of us might not want to take the two minutes to do a task, or put it off because it can be done at another time, and then we never actually complete it. Consider trying the two minute rule out, to send that email, schedule that appointment, or brief meeting minutes to optimize your efficiency. Moreover, the other part of the two-minute rule is that any goal or habit can be started in under two minutes. Think of a new habit that you want to cultivate in the workplace and then give yourself two minutes to get a jumpstart. Try this rule out and see if you create any new helpful and lifelong habits!

5. Decorate your Office

Research indicates that creating an office space that is aesthetically pleasing, such as bringing plants/flowers can increase productivity by fifteen percent. Add some pictures, plants, or colorful flowers to your office space to boost your mood and increase your productivity!

However you like to work, consider adding these into your work routine to boost your productivity throughout the day! You might just find that you accomplish more and that 5:00 PM end of day comes a lot quicker!

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