How to Combat Workplace Anxiety

By: Megan Jones

From starting a new job, new position, or you feel daily nerves, you may feel workplace anxiety lurking in your mind. What is workplace anxiety? Workplace anxiety is the presence of the symptoms of anxiety, such as feelings of unease, worry or apprehension, about work. These feelings may occur in and outside of the workplace. The causes of workplace anxiety can include feeling worrisome about your job performance, upcoming deadlines, your job security, your working relationships, or working excessive hours to list a few examples.[1] It can leave you feeling exhausted, scared, and feeling like there is not an escape. If these symptoms or feelings resonate with you, here are a few ways to combat workplace anxiety.

Is Workplace Anxiety Normal?

Anxiety is a term that gets thrown around a lot. It is important to understand that it differs from the sole feeling of nervousness. Anxiety lingers and you may find it difficult to escape. It can feel debilitating and could potentially affect your work performance or relationships. We all may experience the feeling of workplace anxiety from time to time however, it should not be a lingering feeling. If you are experiencing this feeling here can are a few helpful tips.

3 Tips to Combat Workplace Anxiety

Ground Yourself and Reflect

In the moment of anxiety, you may feel like there are a million items running through your mind. It can be difficult to calm your mind, and it may be difficult to persist through your work with so many items running through your mind. Take a moment, take a deep breath. Reflect on why you may be feeling this. If you are feeling overwhelmed, is it because your workload is too large? Are you fighting fast approaching deadlines? If you can first find where or what is bringing on the anxiety, you can begin to manage it. Once you have found the source, strategize how to absolve it. This can be writing a list of what has to get done. Then, reflect on how you can accomplish what needs to get done, and there may be times where you need to outsource elements of your work to another team member. The first step is to always take a moment and re-center.

Be Realistic

Earlier on in my career, I would take on way more than I could handle, because I wanted to prove myself. I wanted to be seen as helpful. It can quickly lead to burnout and does not create a sustainable work life balance. Throughout my experience I have learned what my bandwidth is, and how I can ensure I don’t encroach that boundary. Additionally, once you learn what your bandwidth is you can confidently ensure that you can manage it. Moreover, ensure you also set realistic deadlines. When considering what deadlines are appropriate remember to reflect on your current workload and what may be coming down your pipeline. Remember it is always better to set a realistic deadline and be early than to set a precedent that you can quickly turn projects around that lead you to working late and long hours.

Believe in Yourself

If you start doubting yourself, especially when you are new to your career or a new position. Remember to have confidence in yourself. Remind yourself that you may make a mistake and it is a part of your learning. You are more than competent and capable of handling a steady workload. If start doubting or questioning yourself, remember to compliment and remind yourself that your colleagues and managers saw your potential and are confident in your talents and capabilities.

Workplace anxiety will happen from time to time, it is important to take it as it comes and remember to ground yourself and attempt to work through these feelings. We hope these tips help you if and when you feel any workplace anxiety!

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