How to Be a Pro at Public Speaking

By: Megan Jones

Public speaking, many of us may feel that you either “got it or you don’t”. If you are anything like me, I used to get so anxious that I would completely psych myself out before I got up to speak. If you can relate, here are some tips on how to conquer your fear and learn how to be a pro public speaking.

Why Is Public Speaking Important?

This skill can be extremely useful in our everyday jobs. Whether you are giving a presentation or providing feedback to a group, being able to communicate effectively to a large group of people is an important skill. To some positions it may be essential. However, it may something many of us are out of practice. So let’s prepare on how to become a pro at public speaking.

Take a Deep Breath

The first and (potentially hardest part) is to take a breath and try and relax before you speak publicly. Try and reframe the position so it’s easier. Imagine yourself having a conversation with a friend or a group of friends. If you are providing new information, look at it like a teaching opportunity. People are eager to hear and learn what information you have. What else great about public speaking? You get to be heard, in most public speaking events it is a conversation that you lead without other employee interruptions. If you reframe public speaking it can seem a lot less daunting!

Study and Practice

If you are not familiar with the topic, do your research. If there are coworkers who are more well versed, ask their opinions and get their insight! Once you have gathered the information, then practice, practice, practice! We all know the phrase, practice makes perfect, but practice also makes comfort! The more you practice, the more you will feel comfortable in the content and the more confident you will come across when you present. Moreover, if you are using graphics, practice when they will appear on the screen so you can nail the timing. Finally, consider timing yourself if it is a presentation to ensure you have put the appropriate amount of content to fulfill the time allotted.

Display Your Information

If you are giving a presentation consider putting some of the information on a PowerPoint or Google Slides (if you are looking for more info on presentations check out our article on it!). By having a PowerPoint, you are creating another captivating opportunity to help your audience remember the information you are communicating. Remember keep the words to a minimum and add images to further reinforce what you are discussing. Additionally, if there is a break between the information you are providing and the information displayed on the slide insert a blank slide, to avoid employees getting distracted by other content that isn’t currently being discussed.

Be Confident in Yourself

Be confident, you are prepared and you are an excellent communicator. As we discussed earlier it is just like having a conversation with someone you know. You are providing information to people that they need or want to hear. Be confident in yourself.

We know you will do wonderful at your next public speaking event!

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