How Hobbies Improve Your Job Performance

By: Megan Jones

Your work-life balance can be a difficult to balance. However, it is exceptionally important to do so—and beneficial to your job! Having a positive work-life balance, creates boundaries, provides an outlet to express yourself, networking opportunities and enhance a skillset. Let’s see how hobbies can improve your job performance!

Hobbies are a great outlet to take away the stress of work! They can be physically or mentally active. Additionally, hobbies can also harness your creative side. Moreover, you also have a range of hobbies that you participate in. But, the most important aspect about a hobby is that it is something you genuinely enjoy doing.

How do hobbies improve your job?

Hobbies create boundaries

Having a hobby that you dedicate time to will also help you set a boundary of work time and leisure time. Hobbies take time, and you are more likely to create a well-rounded schedule of work time and leisure time.  

Express Yourself

Having a hobby creates an outlet to express yourself in your own way. For some, it may be a physical activity: joining a sports league, hiking, rock climbing, yoga, or running marathons. But hobbies don’t have to be physically enduring! You can also enjoy more creative hobbies such as: photography, cooking, or painting. Whichever hobby you choose, it should be something that you genuinely enjoy doing. By doing something you love, you can lower your cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and blood pressure. Hobbies provide you with the opportunity to focus on something that makes you happy.


Hobbies provide an opportunity to network. From joining a cooking class to finding a hiking group on social media, hobbies provides an opportunity to meet new people and build a community. Hobbies help you find new people and connections in your area. You both already have something in common, you enjoy the same hobby! Additionally, hobbies help you network in the workplace by providing an opportunity for you to connect with your coworkers!

Enhance your Skillset

Hobbies can improve your work performance. Hobbies are positively correlated to perseverance, creativity, and a positive attitude. They take time and most hobbies help you set goals such as, running a 5k, mastering a new recipe, or learning a new painting technique. All dedicate time and a goal that your want to accomplish. Since hobbies are something you enjoy you are more likely to persevere and complete the goal. That perseverance will translate to your job! Additionally, hobbies provide a creative outlet and because it is something you enjoy doing you are more likely to have a more positive attitude. Furthermore, research indicates that because having a hobby that you enjoy will lower the likelihood of job burnout.

Hobbies are a wonderful way for you to do something you love that will have positive aspects in your career as well! Consider having or trying a new hobby to see how hobbies improve your job performance!

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