Grillin’ Season is Back!

By: Sylvia Luneau

Summer is almost here! Warm weather is upon us, and there is nothing more quintessentially summer than a good ole’ fashioned backyard BBQ with family and friends.  It is time to clean and  dust off the grill and prepare for a wonderful summer because Grillin’ Season is back! 

After a year of neglect, my BBQ Grill needed some real attention. It was covered in pollen, the interior needed some heavy scrubbing, the flavor bars needed to be replaced and I needed fresh propane.  I get my propane from my local grocery store, but there are other options like Cynch, that can deliver propane right to your door.   

Cleaning Your Grill
  1. Begin with the outer shell of your grill by using a sponge or light brush with hot water.  Scrub it until the outside is looking new and fresh. 

2. Then, remove the grills from the inside of the BBQ and set them aside on an old rag or paper towels. 

3. Next, take out the flavor bars that run across the BBQ just under the grills.  This exposes the bottom or pit of the grill where all the grease and food droppings end up.  If not cleaned regularly, this area is a hot spot for grease fires and should be tended to regularly.  If you do encounter a grease fire, spread regular table salt over the grease flames to suffocate them. Additionally, a hand full or dirt or sand will suffice if you do not have salt on hand. However, ensure you clean the left over salt out afterwards.

4. Proceeding, clean out the bottom of the grill. This can be very messy, so I recommend using latex gloves or something similar as to not get grease on yourself.  Scrape the access grease off the bottom and side of your grill until most is gone.  Then spray a mixture of 80% vinegar and 20 % water on the remaining grease and scrub clean with a rag or paper towel.  Use the same method to clean the grill bars and flavor bars.  

5. Finally, replace the flavors bars and grills, then turn your BBQ up to 400 degrees and let it sit with the top down for 10-15 minutes to burn off any fumes from the cleaning process.  Double check to make sure your grill is looking clean and get ready to BBQ!

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