Enjoy an Ecofriendly Summer!

By: Megan Jones

Happy Summer and World Nature Conservation Day! Summer yields the wonderful opportunity to take vacations and enjoy the wonderful weather outside. As we begin to take some of our much-needed PTO and school is out, take this time to enjoy and embrace the beauty of nature. In addition to summer being a perfect time to enjoy more time outdoors it is also important to conserve our beautiful planet. Whether you are looking for activities to do at home or a more environmentally friendly way to travel, here are some wonderful ways to get you outdoors and enjoy an ecofriendly summer!

Local Travel!

To take a vacation you don’t necessarily have to go far, try some of these more local ideas to spend a weekend and enjoy the outdoors!

Beach Day

Who doesn’t love the beach during summer? The beach is a perfect way to enjoy the summer rays, waves, and views! There are plenty of ways to make your beach day healthy for the environment! In 2020 there is 5.25 trillion macro and micro pieces of plastic in our ocean and approximately every day eight million pieces of plastic finds it way into out oceans each day. To reduce plastic consumption for your next beach day consider packing your lunch in your own reusable containers and bring reusable cups! Plenty of brands are beginning to make reusable bags, containers, cups, straws, and utensils. If you’re looking to take it a step even further, try picking up one or more pieces of trash while you leaving for the beach, to keep the beach cleaner than when you arrived!


Hiking is a wonderful way to observe natures natural beauty. If you’re looking to make a trip out of it, consider traveling to one of California’s National Parks. Hiking is a great way to immerse yourself in nature and wonderful activity to do with family or friends. Most hikes, or national parks usually also have picnic areas, to enjoy a wonderful meal with a breathtaking view!


Whether you are in your own backyard or at a camp site, it is another way to get outside and enjoy the natural beauty of nature. Moreover, it is a wonderful activity to do with family an friends to spend more quality time together. Here are some wonderful campsites to explore throughout California.

Looking to Travel-No Problem!

Many of us may also opt to travel beyond the lengths of a car ride. Here are some ecofriendly ways to travel!

Keep it Light

Only pack what you truly need, especially when flying. Every kilogram counts because the heavier the plane the more carbon emissions it produces. Utilize this an opportunity to refine your packing skills, an don’t bring that outfit that you have never worn…and will never wear!

Enjoy a Local Brew

Drinking locally brewed beer will not only yield a unique taste and support a locally brewery in the region you are traveling, but it drastically cuts down on the carbon content from travel. This applies to local produced food as well! While you are traveling consider checking out the areas local food source or farmers market!

Keep it Conservative, Hotel Edition

Consider reusing your bath towels, and not requesting a new towel every day of your stay. Remember to turn lights out and the TV off before your leave!

Avoid Unnecessary Plastics

Avoid bottled water and plastic cups and straws. If you do need a bottle of water, buy one and then reuse it! The goal with reducing plastic is the automatic disposal after one use. Try and create ways to reuse any of your plastics for more than one use!

Whether you are staying local or traveling far there are plenty of ways to keep your travel more ecofriendly! Wishing you a wonderful, environmentally friendly and happy summer!


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