Employer Expectations in the Workplace

By: Megan Jones

So, you got the job, now how do you impress your manager? Check out last week’s article on core competencies to see how to showcase your best attributes throughout the resume and interview process! But getting the job is just the beginning, you should continue to strive and impress your colleagues and manager. Let’s look at employer expectations in the workplace! 


Being on time to work is imperative. It’s easy to be late, from traffic, sleeping in too late, to car troubles. However, you are always being watched. (Sounds a little scary) but your colleagues and managers take notice on attitudes or attributes that you may not notice within yourself. Always be on time and use proper time management to ensure you get to work on time. When it comes to performance reviews, raises, and new promotions you want your punctuality to be noticed! 

However, should something come up such as getting a flat tire or something that was truly unexpected notify your manager immediately. Apologize for the inconvenience and update your manager as you plan to come into the office. Remember to be respectful of others time and understand that your punctuality affects your team and organization as a whole! 

Dress properly

Every company will have a different culture and attire. Some companies stay with business professional to business causal. Other organizations are more causal. On your first day always dress to impress in business causal to professional. It is better to dress up than to dress down. From there you can learn and adapt if needed. However, sticking to a business causal will always be appropriate. If you work remotely and have a video conference meeting, ensure that you have dressed appropriately. Again, you are always making an impression on others and you should always strive to put your best foot forward. 

Effective Communication

Communication is key in any business or organization. Ensure that you use the proper communication channel whether it’s emails, meetings, or phone calls. An important key to effective communication is to never assume and to add context before you provide your opinion or feedback.

Additionally, one of the best ways to ensure that there isn’t a miscommunication is to ask questions. Whether you’re assigned a new project or need clarification from an email ask questions so you can be positive if what is expected of you.

Help Others

Being a team player and helping your colleagues with deadlines or projects is equally as important as meeting your own. Be someone dependable to your colleagues. Helping others benefits them and you! Being someone your colleagues can go to and being a resource can also build your network and help you make new connections!

Learn from Your Mistakes

Unfortunately, mistakes happen, and your employer should understands that this happens from time to time. However, remember to always take accountability for your mistake and look at it as an opportunity to grow. When a mistake happens, take a moment to reflect upon it and see where the root of the problem lies. Then come up with a solution on how to avoid making that mistake again. 

Additionally, look at your mistake as a growing opportunity and something that you can continue to work on! Consider the mistake to even be something you can discuss in a performance review to showcase where you started and how far you’ve come! 

Positive Attitude 

You got the job and you’re so excited! But as time goes on the initial spark of excitement may fade. However, you should still always show up to work with a positive attitude. Try and reframe and look at the bigger picture to get you excited about your position. You have a job that most likely is a key source to providing an income for your livelihood. Moreover, look at the aspects of the job you enjoy,  and push yourself to continue to grow into the position. Furthermore, make connections with colleagues that you enjoy spending time with. Not only will this make your work more enjoyable, but it also can boost employee morale amount other colleagues!

Remember you have already impressed your employer with your core competencies but continue to shine and exceed your employer’s expectation and they will see the amazing asset you are your organization!

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