Creating a One Page Business Plan

By Sylvia Luneau

The warm weather has ushered in the second quarter of 2021, and summer is on the horizon.  This is a great time to review goals and create a new business plan.  If we are able to focus on what is working and spotlight what we want, we are more likely to make daily decisions that will support our success. 

If you google “One Page Business Plan” you will find a plethora of different templates that support and organize a variety of objectives.  The process is identical on nearly all of the templates, and the idea is universal:

  1. Begin with writing down your goals
  2. Then find the “why” behind your goals
  3. Next write down your current obstacles
  4. Then develop an outline of what to do
  5. Following, create a timeline and milestones for your goals
  6. Focus and hone the path to success 
  7. Celebrate your wins
  8. Repeat!

On the business side, some of us may want to ignite a brilliant streak, create solutions for our clients and grow.  On the personal side some of us may want to navigate family dynamics in a better way, or have an ultimate fresh start in some capacity.

Organizing your goals in a business plan will help guide to your own successes.  Often times, the answers are already within you.  If you take the time to organize your thoughts, as a result, you will create a powerful personalized tool that will build confidence from within. 

What is working right now when it comes to your goals—what isn’t? How can you improve what is not working today or this week? Moreover, what are the consequences of doing nothing? What will you gain as a result?

Most importantly, empower yourself by envisioning a successful future.  Keep in mind all of the successes you have had in your past.  Celebrate the miracles that happen to you, and above all, experience the passion of a life well lived!

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