Back to School Tips and Tricks!

By: Megan Jones

It’s back to school season! Whether you have students, are a student or you are looking to implement some healthy habits we have some great back to school tips and tricks to get you ready for school or work!

Create a Routine

Routines are essential for students and adults alike! They enable structure and keep a constant in your daily life. Additionally, if you have a set routine that you can feasibly do, it can create positive habits and keep you provide clarity to your mind and day.

Begin by writing down what you would like to accomplish in the morning, afternoon, and evening. This doesn’t have to be minute by minute and you can create blocks of time labeled “school” or “work” where you don’t identify every task you will complete, but it creates a general idea your schedule.

Then carve out time in your morning. What are you looking to accomplish? Consider making you bed, having breakfast, and making time to complete your preparation for work.

Finally, plan out a brief idea of how you want to spend your evening. Again, this can entail mealtime, putting everything you need in your work or school bag and planning out what time you would like to go to sleep.

Creating structure throughout the day will keep your mind clear and you can focus on the tasks at hand. If you are looking for ways to plan out your routine consider having a hand written planner or google calendar.

Catch those Z’s with a Quality Sleep Schedule

Along with creating a good routine that aligns with your schedule, you should also try and implement a healthy sleep schedule. It is recommended that adults receive 7 hours of quality sleep. Consider creating time to wind down, watch a show or read a book and then head to bed so ypu are well rested and prepared for the morning!

Creating Meals and Meal Prep

Another key attribute to a good schedule is creating times to have meals, and prep meals. Family meals are exceptionally important. Family meals create time that you can all come around the table to spend quality together. Although this may not be feasible for all, especially every night, consider trying to implement one or more family meals then you are currently having. Whether it’s a quick breakfast in the morning or a family game night and dinner on Sunday evening it creates the opportunity to spend more quality time together. However, you don’t just have to do this with family. Quality time with anyone is important! Go out to dinner or create a fun meal at home with friends, colleagues, roommates, or just yourself! The important idea here, is being able to create time away from any work or school to enjoy a meal and the wonderful time it brings!

Additionally, consider packing lunches for you and your kids the night before. These meals ensure that you and your kids are eating healthy and prepared meals. Moreover, packing your lunch can be more cost effective and when you do go out to eat, it is a cherished experience! If you are looking for easy and quick lunches, look no further!

Creating a Healthy Work Space

Your workspace is essential. Whether you are at school or working from home, you should create a workspace that differs from your relaxing space. If possible you should try and stay away from working on beds or couches because you need separation from work and home life—even if you are working from home. Find an area with a desk or table and create a work space. Maybe try working near a window so you have a good view or create a workspace and add paintings and pictures!

Get your Back-to-School Supplies

Whether you are going back to school or not, this is a wonderful opportunity to buy any new supplies you need. Plus, towards the end of back to school many items may go on sale. It is a great time to buy a new backpack, pens or any other school or work supplies you may need!

We hope you enjoy these tips and welcome back to school or work!

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