5 Tips for Proper Work Etiquette

By: Megan Jones

Whether you are just starting a new position or have been in the working industry for decades, proper work etiquette never goes out of style. It can be easy to sink into a routine once we get comfortable in our position. However, maintaining proper office and work etiquette can improve your work life, your colleagues perception of you, and the way clients can view your organization. Here are 5 tips for proper work etiquette!

Introduce Yourself

When meeting someone new, introduce yourself and your role within your organization. It allows others to learn who you are and your role. Additionally, it’s a great opportunity to begin networking and get yourself acclimated to your organization. If you are a manager and are bringing a new hire on, ensure you take the time to introduce them to the team. Moreover, as more meetings are hosted on an online platform, it’s a great way to start meetings with introductions and alert the team of new members who have joined the team.

Be on Time

Being on time is essential in the workplace. Be on time to work, ensure you meet your deadlines, and be on time to meetings. Continued tardiness can insinuate that you value your time more than your colleagues. Plan your schedule accordingly. If you have multiple meetings in a day, create a buffer time to get from one meeting to the next. Additionally, create buffer time for your commute to work, in the event there is traffic or your mode of transportation is running late you want to ensure that you have allotted yourself extra time to still make it on time. However, if you are running late ensure you let your manager and appropriate colleagues know.

Dress Appropriately

It is important to understand your organizations dress code. Some organizations stick to business professional while others may prefer business casual or casual attire. I personally prefer to dress slightly more professional than the norm.

Additionally, if you meet with clients, customers or upper management ensure you are dressed appropriately. Your attire and presentation does matter and will make an impression on others.

Ask People How They Prefer to Communicate

Every person has their own way to communicate. In my experiences, all of my previous managers have had different preferences in how to get in touch with them. This is a simple question to ask that can go a long way, in forming relationships with your colleagues as well as confirm the best way to get in touch with someone should their be an emergency.

Practice Cubicle Etiquette

If you are working in office, it is important to be mindful of your colleagues around you. If you have to make a phone call, consider stepping away to not disturb your colleagues. If you have a video meeting, use headphones so you minimize the noise. Additionally, you may want to avoid heavy perfumes and plug in scents to not trigger someone’s allergies.

Office etiquette is an important factor in maintaining a positive work relationship with your colleagues and enhance your perception within your organization.  

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