5 Reasons it’s Important To Be on Time

By: Megan Jones

Although it may seem easy, being on time to work on a daily basis can be difficult. However, it is imperative to being successful within your role. It may not seem like a big deal to be a few minutes late but you do not want a reputation of consistently being late to work. It may stunt your professional growth and the colleagues perception of you. Let’s look at 5 reasons its important to be on time!

Why is it Important to be On Time?

Being on time is important for a myriad of reasons. First, it shows that you are responsible and accountable for your time. Furthermore, being on time may inadvertently inform your team how you manage your time and meet deadlines. The “Big Brother” reality is that at work you are always being watched and you want to continually make a good impression with your colleagues. However, even if you are not actively going into the office being on time is still important! You are still expected to show up to virtual meetings and login on time. Moreover, is likely that your laptop may have a tracker that can track when you are actively online. Therefore, it is essential to be on time because not only does it aid your professional growth but it can also ease any stress that accompanies arriving late.

5 Reasons it’s Important to Be On Time

Showcasing Professionalism

Being on time is being professional. It shows that you are conscientious of your time and your colleagues time. It can highlight that you are reliable and accountable. It can increase your value as an employee and can be an aid at advancing your career. If and when it comes time for a promotion being on time could be a factor that is considered. You may think your colleagues and manager may not notice, but being on time is exceptionally noticed and can only add value to your work performance.

Reducing Stress

Running late can cause stress. It may rush your morning and make you late to important meetings. Additionally, if you are running late it may delay the deadlines you need to meet or cut into the time you have to work on projects. Finally, it can delay your whole day because you may need to work later to make up for the time that you missed in the morning. All in all, it can be really stressful to be late. Therefore, you should give yourself ample time to get to work.

Time Management Skills and Meeting Deadlines

Being on time showcases your ability to properly manage your time and the importance of time in general. Additionally, showing up on time to work may aid in helping you stay on schedule.  Employees who are on time display the traits that they will be able to meet deadlines and that you value time and understand how it plays an active role in your day.

Meeting Your Job Requirements

A fundamental part of your job is to show up on time. Your manager and team have an expectation that you will complete your position in a timely manner. Although some positions may have flexibility on the exact time you show up to work, most may expect that you show up within the relative business hours.

Your Job Perception

Being on time will impress many colleagues and future employers. It only adds to your reputation because being on time can be difficult. By showing up on time you already have an “up” among your other colleagues. Additionally, it showcases your capabilities of meeting deadlines, showcasing time management, and your professionalism. Being on time will impress your manager and ensure that is and when the time comes for a promotion you have already have a great attribute to bring to the table.

What if I am Running Late?

Even the most punctual people may run late from time to time. The important idea is to not make it a habit. If you are running late, let your colleagues and manager know. Additionally, because many organizations have opted a hybrid working model there is a possibility that if you are running late to a meeting you can join virtually. Yes, being late happens and when it does take the proper actions to inform others to show that you understand the repercussions of being late and that you value your colleagues time.

Remember, it’s always a great time to be on time!

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