5 Desk Essentials and Accessories

By: Megan Jones

Many of us may spend a great deal of time at our desks. Whether you are working from home or in office, your desk can become your sanctuary and an area where you are both productive yet comfortable. Regardless of if you work in office or remotely, you should make your desk feel comfortable so you can optimize and create your best work. If you are looking to add a few more items to add to your desk here are 5 desk essentials and accessories.

Drink Essentials

The first thing I do when I get into my office, is grab all my drink essentials. For me, this is a cup of coffee and fill up my water bottle. In order to remind myself about drinking water, I pick a water bottle that is brightly colored and set it in my peripheral vision. It will catch my eye and remind me to drink more water throughout the day. Additionally, I like a good size coffee cup that holds at least 12oz, so I don’t have to get up and get another cup. My current favorite brand is Hitch, it allows you to have both a coffee cup and water bottle all in one, it is less to carry and creates zero waste.

Heated Desk Pad

Although we are headed into the summer months, my office mates and I have all purchased a heated desk pad. It is especially great in the winter as it warms up your desk and keep your hands nice and toasty throughout the day. Additionally, it is safe for most electronics to lay atop of as well. It is a great addition to my desk and comes in a variety of patterns to fit anyone’s aesthetics.

To Do List

I like to have an active to-do list kept on my desk to keep on track. Whether it is a white board, journal, or other accessory they are a great addition to your desk to keep you up to date and on schedule for anything work related. It is also a great way to keep reminders of items, that need to be done but may take a couple days to complete.


During stressful times, I do turn to the items on my desk to bring me comfort. Photos or postcards are one of my favorite ways to do so. Adding photos of friends, family, pets, or places you have traveled can bring a smile to your face during stressful times. Consider adding a few of your favorite photos to your desk and put them in areas that are easily accessible to you.

Mini First Aid/Essentials Kit

Having a few first aid items can be a great resource and come in handy more often than you think! I keep antibacterial wipes, band aids, ibuprofen, cough drops, contact solution, eye drops, and Kleenex. I would say once a week someone is in need of one of these items. They are great to keep at your desk in the even that you or a colleague is in need.

Having these items at your desk can be a great way to feel more comfortable at your desk and even if you are in office, it can give your desk a homey feeling. They are great essentials to consider adding to your desk!

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