2022 SMART Goals

By: Megan Jones

We are nearing the end of 2021 and getting ready for 2022! In past articles we have talked about goals and resolutions (Check out our article on creating goals in out Happy First Day of Fall Article). But today I want to shift our focus to work oriented goals. As performance and goal reviews loom, let’s finish out the year strong and create outstanding 2022 SMART goals!

Why Are Goals Important?

Goals are important because they help you grow and provide the opportunity to accomplish a task you set for yourself. Goals and resolutions are easy to forget and drop off early in the year. For this year lets ensure we accomplish what we set out to do. Let’s create progress check-ins and follow ups. Furthermore, to ensure we meet the goals we created this year consider implementing check-ins quarterly to ensure you are sticking to them. I prefer quarterly deadlines because you don’t have time to “drop off” because the deadline is close by. Maybe this is a new goal to add for yourself this year!

The SMART Method

The SMART method is way to create, assess and measure the goals you would like to set. Begin by reflecting on this past year. Where did you grow? Where would you like to improve? What skill would you like to utilize more? What is one skill you would like to get better at? Moreover, if you set professional goals this year, did you complete them? Were they a steppingstone for a bigger picture goal? Although, this can be a mundane and tedious process take some time to genuinely think about what you have accomplished and what goals you would like to create for next year. Let’s investigate how to create your SMART Goals for 2022.


Keep your goals specific, and well defined. You want to create a goal that is specific to your role. Additionally, you do not want a goal that is too broad or vague. Think of what and why you are looking to accomplish the goal and then provide details on the goal as it pertains to your role.


Create a goal that you can measure or see an attainable result. Not all measurements have to be quantitative, but if it isn’t ensuring you have a clear guide of how you are measuring the progress you make.


Create a goal that is attainable, something that is challenging enough to provide growth but isn’t overbearing and unmanageable. Moreover, consider the steps you will need to take to attain your goal. What is a realistic goal for you to accomplish?


Create a goal that is relevant to your position. What is an area in your position you would like to grow in? How does that benefit, yourself, your team, and your organization? These are good questions to ask yourself when you are creating a relevant goal.


Your goals should have a deadline. Consider quarterly check-ins with the overall goal looking to be completed at the end of the year. Again, you are managing and successfully attaining a goal can slip away if you don’t properly manage your time and the time you are looking to complete your goals by.

Let’s finish this year strong and plan outstanding SMART Goals for 2022!

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