Setting Intentions for 2021

Setting Intentions for 2021

By Sylvia Luneau

It’s that time of year again! The time when we focus on the future and make plans for transformation in the new year. I am someone who religiously sets New Year’s Resolutions at the start of every year. Some have panned out… while others have not. Several years ago, I was introduced to a new process; a way to think about resolutions that helps to center and focus your goals. It is my hope that this can help you feel in control and centered in setting intentions for 2021.

The process involves writing things down or mapping them out through the lens of the Bagua. I know, I know: you’ve either never heard of it, think it’s maybe a little too far out there for you, or are pretty sure it’s a monster from a horror movie (That’s Babadook, and while excellent, has less than nothing to do with Bagua; I promise).

The Bagua is a Feng Shui energy map with eight focus categories around a center of “health” or “well-being”. These eight immensely powerful categories may help you re-think the way you look at your life to create a more balanced existence.

Many years ago, I was fortunate enough to be trained in the Bagua by Feng Shui master and best-selling author, Linda Lenore. She highlighted for me just how powerful the Bagua can be and equally, how easily life can become unbalanced if you are not intentional about what you are calling into existence and what you are categorizing as important. Feng Shui, as many may know is often a way to organize harmonious living spaces. In this case we are using the Bagua to organize your thoughts around your intentions.

Categories of the Bagua:

Center: Physical Health / Health / Well-Being

  1. Family and Past
  2. Abundance and Wealth
  3. Fame and Reputation
  4. Relationships and Love
  5. Children and Creativity
  6. Helpful People and Travel
  7. Career and Skills
  8. Knowledge Wisdom and Spirituality

Every year I like to put together either a vision board, a list of intentions, or both with the above listed categories as a guide. The goal is to help you focus on what it is you want to see in your life and to be more intentional about what you are doing.

A vision board is literally a pictorial depiction of what you would like to manifest in your life in the coming year. It does require materials and a little bit of crafting, and therefore is slightly more involved than a simple list of intentions, which only requires a blank piece of paper or a computer. However, both require you to take the time to assess what it is you are looking to achieve. Sometimes doing a written list first can help you set up a more powerful vision board. While sometimes, getting visuals together first can help you to verbalize your intentions.

To make a physical vision board you will need:
  1. A slightly oversized piece of poster board, something like 14×18 or similar
  2. A glue stick or double sided tape
  3. About 4-5 magazines or recent catalogues with pictures
  4. Scissors and maybe 2-3 small containers (think Tupperware)
  5. If you have them, a few small photos of important family members and friends
  6. A clear workspace
  7. The Bagua categories and, ideally, a printed out Bagua map so that you can place your photos in the correct areas
  8. At least an hour with the knowledge that this does not need to happen in one sitting (or even one day)

Use the Bagua map to place the pictures that you cut out in the corresponding areas. For instance, in the upper right corner of your vision board, have photos related to love, your partner, and/or what you would like to manifest in that area of your life. In the center, a picture of what healthy represents to you. This can be not only physical health, but mental health as well. If you follow this path you will have nine sections on your board. Place your board somewhere that you will see it every day.

To make a written list of intentions you will need:
  1. An open document on your computer or a blank sheet of paper
  2. The Bagua categories
  3. At least an hour with the knowledge that this does not need to happen in one sitting (or even one day)

Type out a list of what each category represents to you and what you would like to create in your life experience moving forward. Keep your list handy and read it on a daily basis.

Whether you make a physical vision board, or just a well-thought-out list of intentions, with each category, your goal is to locate either a phrase or a picture that encapsulates what you would like manifest in your life. Some examples include:

 Center: Health
  • I honor my body with daily exercise (photo of exercise)
  • I make time to create healthy food choices for myself and my family (photo of healthy food)
  • I make an effort to reach out to my friends and loved ones when I am feeling anxious or overwhelmed (photo of a telephone)

1. Family and Past
  • I continue to develop my relationship with ____ (photo of person)
  • I communicate well with family and develop healthy boundaries
  • I honor my past / heritage by ______

2. Abundance and Wealth
  • I have plentiful time with the ability to help support my family financially and emotionally (photo of happy people)
  • I cover my monthly expenses with ease (photo that depicts wealth for you)

3. Fame and Reputation
  • I am a professional with solid moral character (block words that say. “I take the time to do the right thing”)
  • I am recognized as someone who does the right thing
  • I am well known in my industry for ______

4. Relationships and Love
  • I have solid and loving relationships in my life (photo of your immediate family )
  • I honor my partner with focused time and supportive energy (photo of partner; if you have no partner and want to manifest a partner, a photo of a happy couple relaxing)

5. Children and Creativity (photos of people and children playing; crafts or completed handiwork
  • I have close relationships with my nieces and the opportunities abound to further develop these connections
  • I have fun at work every day (or I have fun every day)
  • I laugh out loud (photo of you laughing)
  • I make time for projects I love (photo of painting, knitting, baking, writing, sculpting, gardening, crafting, coloring, cooking, etc.)

6. Helpful People and Travel
  • I have many people in my life that help me personally and professionally and I honor them with listening and respect (photos of your important people and mentors – if you want a mentor and do not have one, a photo of someone you would like to be your mentor or someone you respect as a person of integrity that you would like to learn more about)
  • I create three daytrips per quarter that help me develop my understanding of fun, of myself, and of the commonalities of the people in other communities (photo of volunteering in a group)
  • I explore the world and see how life is different in different areas (photos of locations you would like to visit)

7. Career and Skills
  • I honor my mind by always developing my understanding of my business sector and being an active part of advancing it (photos of your business logo)
  • I execute new business easily (photos of logos of businesses you respect and want to work with)
  • I honor my career choice with networking with other professionals and offering my knowledge and or services to others (photos of successful work product)

8. Wisdom and Spirituality
  • I meditate daily for ____ minutes (photo of meditation and of what spirituality means to you)
  • I walk outside daily and marvel at nature (photos of nature/your daily path)
  • I let go of grudges and live with joy in my heart

Hopefully, by the end of this exercise, you’ve had a chance to get introspective and really define what health, happiness, and success mean to you. In which category do the most intentions arise? What areas do you feel the need to focus on most?

This last year was significant in so many ways. The pandemic took away so many typical aspects of daily life, leaving many of us with more time to reflect more fully on what is important and what is missing in our world. Consider, consolidate, and then construct your future with intention.

2021 is a new year. Hopefully it will hold more happiness for us all.


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