Job Searching Strategies

By: Megan Jones

Looking for a new position or opportunity but don’t know where to start? Look no further, here are 5 job searching strategies to help you find your new perfect position!

Be Selective

The job search can be daunting, help ease your search by looking for positions that genuinely excite you. If you are newer to the job market, consider narrowing your search down to a specific department (HR, R&D, Operations, Facilities etc.). By focusing in on positions that you are interested in and within the same realm it can make you more confident to the hiring manager, because you are well versed in the department/position you are speaking about. Moreover, searching through thousands of positions can be overwhelming, try and save job search filters so you are notified of positions that you would genuinely be interested in.

Customize your Application

Remember your resume and cover letters are not one size fits all! You want to customize your application with information that specifically pertains to the job you are applying for. Looking for more tips? Check out How to Create an Outstanding Resume.

Learn a New Skill

Looking to spruce up your resume and skillset? Learn a new skill to make your resume more marketable! Want to learn a new language? Try DuoLingo, it can help you learn hundreds of different languages that boost your resume. Additionally, consider trying to get a certificate in an area you are interested in. A quick google search can show all the different certificate available. Moreover, consider boosting your online profile with a LinkedIn Skills Quiz

Keep an Online Profile

As technology is forever evolving, have an online professional presence is essential.  LinkedIn is a great opportunity to network and connect with colleagues, previous co-workers and friends to help broaden your network and open your opportunities. Additionally, when creating a LinkedIn profile be sure to add a photo of you to make your online presence stronger.


Online networking is important, however, in person events are imperative too! Although it can seem intimidating try and extend your network. You can start by utilizing the network you have, keep in touch with colleagues and previous co-workers. Additionally, try joining local groups or meetings in your area. Remember the more people you communicate and form genuine relationships with the larger your network can grow.

We hope these help you find your perfect position! Looking for a new candidate or position?  Consider PsiNapse for your next hire or position!


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