How You Can Honor Your College Graduate

How You Can Honor Your College Graduate
Embrace and honor this major rite of passage in these tumultuous times.

By Sylvia Luneau

This time of year is usually filled with excitement about the upcoming warmth and cheer of summer months. Vacations are planned, thoughts of ice cream and chilled chardonnay are never far from our thoughts, and a sense of calm enjoyment permeates the air.

Things look a little different this year so it’s more important than ever to celebrate the triumph of college graduation. Here are some suggestions to honor this major rite of passage:

Create a Photobook

Your graduate is likely feeling the loss of their last few months of comradery with their classmates. Photographs are a powerful reminder of all of the wonderful moments to be grateful for and of the people they will always have to lean on. Collect photos from the past four years of your grad’s college experience to compile into a photobook. This is a beautiful gift that will stand the test of time (or likely even get better with age!). Many online services, such as Shutterfly, make it easy to upload photos from your phone or other device by year and create a well-designed photobook for your hardworking grad!

Set up a Photo Shoot

Another meaningful and experiential gift idea is a photo shoot. This will allow you to capture this moment in time when your grad is standing on the edge of their bright, exciting future. Many photographers are doing front porch photo shoots, to capture the grad and their whole family in front of the family home – a symbolic and time-tested vantage point. Reach out to a local photographer, set the stage, and be ready to mat and frame your creations for posterity.

Start a Wisdom Registry

Finally, give your graduate a head start in confidently establishing themselves in the world! Start a wisdom registry with helpful contacts and advice. This is especially poignant if they are moving away or into a new space of their own soon. To get started, take a look at your personal network and start a resource guide tailored especially to them!

1. Resume Review!

College ends and the job hunt begins. This can be an overwhelming time. Add PsiNapse to the registry and give your grad a head start in their search. An experienced hiring professional will discuss and work with them about the look and feel of their resume and their career goals. It is never too early (or too late) to have this meaningful review and assessment.

2. Outfit Mastery

Did you know that Macy’s and other retailers often have personal shoppers that can help your grad with two new work looks?  Even though we are living in a Zoom world these days, studies have shown that if you look polished and professional for your video interviews, you will do better! Locate a personal shopper near you and help that grad look and feel great on that video interview.

3. Health and the Mind-Body Connection

After years of late night pizza and dangerously little sleep, your grad could use a spa day. This can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it! On the simpler side, put together a basket of spa essentials including incense/aromatherapy, lotions, and eye masks to help your grad forget about that last all-nighter they had to pull to get their History thesis in on time. Include a subscription to the CALM app for an easy way to make meditation and mindfulness a daily practice. Do you know a Personal Trainer, Yogi, or Nutritionist? Add a virtual session with the professional you know to round out this idea and create a firm foundation for wellness and a well-rounded life.

4. The Mentor

Look at your network and find a connection you have who graduated five to seven years ago. Maybe your neighbor, friend, or co-worker has a contact that settled in your area, is now employed, and is moving forward in their career. Ask that person to act as a mentor (at a cost) to your grad. Set specific boundaries, maybe three to five one-hour sessions to discuss setting up their new place to live, roommate ideas, budgets, and general tips and advice for navigating a new life in your area.

5. The Handyperson

Grads often come back in need of some major repairs.  Cars have dents, shoes need mending, furniture needs more than a little TLC, and the laid-back days of college days are being overhauled.  Speak to a friend or professional that may be able to help support your grad and facilitate a change for the better that will get them to that next level! Caution: with this idea, buy-in from the grad is ideal. Otherwise, do some research and suggest a professional in the area to help them with their specific needs.  

In the end, we want our grads to THRIVE (and they will)!  This graduating class contains the innovators of tomorrow! We are so excited for their new ideas, technical strength, and sense of purpose to change the world.

Congrats to the Class of 2020!


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