How to Impress Your Boss in Your Next Meeting

By: Megan Jones

It can be intimidating to talk to your boss, especially when you are new to a position and haven’t built up a repour. Your boss should be a mentor, guide, and go-to resource. However, it can take time to build your relationship to get comfortable with your boss. Regardless of your current position, your boss or manager should be a person who you can discuss your growth, receive constructive feedback, and seek assistance from. If you are unsure how to approach certain conversations, here are 4 great tips on how to impress your boss in your next meeting.

What are Common Reasons to Talk to Your Boss?
  1. Discussing your career trajectory, potential promotions, and room for growth
  2. You need clarity on the expectations for your role or project
  3. You are having trouble interacting with a coworker
  4. You need work accommodations for a personal circumstance
  5. You want to request time off
  6. You have a scheduled performance review
  7. You have questions regarding feedback or suggestions

Tips for Talking to Your Boss

Take Initiative

If you need to have a discussion with your boss, take initiative and schedule a meeting! In my experience, you boss will appreciate your initiative in scheduling check-ins or meetings when a topic is urgent.

If you need to schedule a check-in or meeting, look at their calendar and find a time that you are both available. Additionally, plan the location, will you meet in their office, a conference room or online?

Once you have scheduled a meeting, then plan your agenda. You can attach the agenda to your meeting invite or project your agenda once the meeting begins. At the end of the meeting, you can send a follow-up email with the minutes from your meeting. However, my personal favorite tool is using Microsoft OneNote. It is a great for your boss or manager to have an easy live reference to what you discussed and what your future agendas will hold.

Ask Questions

At your scheduled meetings, ask questions! This is a great time to get clarification on projects, or your performance.

When it comes to projects, my best tip is to ask the current questions you have as well as think about what future questions you may have on the project workflow. Additionally, when it comes to your performance ask for your manager’s candor in your performance. Are there any areas of improvement? This is a great way to receive constructive feedback and fix any improvements immediately.

Meetings are the perfect time to get clarification all at once, so take advantage of your next meeting!

Communicate Your Needs

As an employee it is your responsibility to ensure you and your manager are promoting your growth professionally. If you are struggling in an area, be direct with your boss and let them know. It is essential that your communication is clear, and you and your boss can speak openly about your performance, questions, and areas of difficulty.

Although it takes time to form a relationship, you should still feel comfortable being direct and speaking on what you need. Make it a habit to openly discuss your needs and when you need assistance.

Problem Solve

If you have an issue or are stuck on a project, try and trouble shoot first. Although, your boss should be open and willing to assist you, take the initiative and exhaust your resources.

If you are working on a project and get stuck, ask a colleague, look back your trainings, and try to solve on your own. You do not have to come up with a solution. In fact, you may only have more questions, but it will impress your boss that you can problem solve and attempt to troubleshoot your questions.

Your boss is a great resource and someone who can aid in your professional growth! We hope these tips help your next conversation with your boss be a success.

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