How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the Workplace

By: Megan Jones

St. Patrick’s Day may be considered a Hallmark holiday, however, it can still be a great way to bring your team and organization together. Although, many St. Patrick Day “traditions” may involve activities that are more suited for outside working hours, there is still plenty to do in office to bring your team together. Here are 5 ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the workplace.

Everyone Dress in Green

Whether you are working remotely or in office, it can be a great idea to ask employees to wear a pop of green for St. Patrick’s Day. Whether it is socks or a full green outfit, it allows employees to get in the spirit. This is also a great photo opportunity to take a team photo to show your spirit! If you have the budget consider giving a prize to the most spirited colleague.

St. Patrick’s Day Team Build

Consider putting an hour on everyone’s calendar to do a team build. This can be as simple as St. Patrick’s Day themed trivia, or game such as word searches, or bingo, there are plenty of fun games or activities to do to bring your team together.

Decorate the Office

Decorating the office can be a great way to get people into the spirit. If you have the opportunity you can do a communal area such as a breakroom, or popular conference room. Your decorations can be everything, green, gold, or rainbow.

Bring in St. Patrick Day Treats

Food always brings everyone out of their cube and gets people excited. Depending on your budget you can go as simple as providing a breakfast of Lucky Charms. Or if you are feeling festive consider making a traditional Irish dish such as Irish Soda Bread! Additionally, you can always put out the gold chocolate coins, as both decoration and a sweet treat for your employees.

Host a Happy Hour

Happy hour doesn’t always have to mean drinking, host an after-work event for colleagues to get together and relax after work! If you have the budget, consider doing a restaurant and having some fun hors d’oeurves. It can be a great way for colleagues to mix and mingle without the pressure and stress of work.

St. Patrick’s day can be a wonderful holiday to celebrate, moreover it provides a wonderful opportunity to get colleagues together! Consider trying one of these ideas this St. Patrick’s day!


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