How to Celebrate Halloween with your Colleagues

By: Megan Jones

Halloween is here, and it’s scary how fast the holiday season has come! Maybe it’s just me but this year has flown by, and it is time to get into the holiday spirit. Today let’s start with Halloween! Many organizations may have adopted a flexible working program, where employees may be entirely remote or hybrid, while other organizations may be completely back in the office. However your current working situation is, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate. Here is how to celebrate Halloween with your colleagues regardless of your working environment!

Why is Celebrating Important?

Celebrating can help build and maintain your company’s culture. It allows employees the opportunity to get to know each other deeper than a professional level. It is also a great way to celebrate your employees for their hard work. Finally, everyone needs a break and creating an opportunity to get employees to put their work on pause can provide a very necessary break for employees.

How to Celebrate Halloween
Food, Treats, and Sweets

I have yet to meet a colleague that isn’t motivated to come to an event because the event has food. The way to your colleague’s heart is through their stomach. It is a great way to bring people together.

If you have the budget, consider catering some spooky “horror” d’oeuvres and get your team together. However, another great option is to do a potluck. People can bring their favorite dish, or you can theme your potluck. If you are working at a remote capacity, you can have a virtual lunch, or schedule a team lunch if your team works within the area. You can do a potluck in the park for remote employees to get everyone to meet in person.

Another option is to do a Pumpkin-fest, ask your team to bring in their favorite homemade or store-bought pumpkin treat. The goal with any celebration is to get people together, and food is a great way to bring people together.


Regardless, of your working situation you can always still dress up. If you are in office, your team can all be something within the same theme. Examples for themes could be M&Ms, Skittles, The Office characters, 101 Dalmatians, or Toy Story characters. Even if you are virtual, you can still have employees dress up!

Then you can take it a step further and have a costume contest and offer small prizes for the winners. This can be another great way to get to know your colleagues and see their creativity!


This works best at an in-office capacity, but you can ask your colleagues to bring guests or children in the afternoon and do a trick-or-treating event! It is a great way to meet other team members and the kids always love coming into the office!

Host or Go to an Event

Looking to do something more interactive? Have your office complete a murder mystery event or go to an escape room. This is a great opportunity for team members to engage with each other and can be a fun way for employees to get to know each other while completing a fun activity. Best of all you can still do this from a remote capacity. There are plenty of virtual escape rooms or virtual murder mystery to do if you are working at a remote capacity.

There are always plenty of ways to celebrate the holidays regardless of your working environment. Make the holiday season special and fun and consider trying these out for your Halloween celebrations!

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