Happy New Year!

By: Megan Jones

PsiNapse wishes you a very Happy New Year! It’s the beginning of the new year and many of us may begin to make new resolutions for the year. But if you are anything like me, resolutions can be hard to keep. If you are looking for some attainable goals consider incorporating these goals into your resolutions this year!

Health and Wellness

Cook something New Each Week

This is a fun way to learn more recipes, an opportunity to explore new cuisines or different dietary lifestyles. It is a great way to learn about different cultures and their food or an opportunity for you to get unique in the kitchen! If you are looking to make changes to your diet this is a wonderful way to start! Are you trying to consume less meat? Then find a new recipe that is vegetarian! This is a great way for you to learn a new cooking skill, recipe and great way to spend a meal with family and friends!

Eat Veggies Regularly

From the time we were young we were always told to eat our vegetables! But they can be difficult to incorporate. Vegetables don’t have to be boring or something to dread. Add veggies to your smoothie for that extra boost of nutrition without lacking in flavor.  Try adding veggies to your pasta sauce or create a fun vegetable side. Another great way is to air fry your veggies to get them nice and crispy! These are great ways to incorporate some extra veg into your diet. Moreover, if you are interested in creating a new recipe each week, consider having that recipe that adds some veggies into your diet!


Build a Better Budget

Consider looking at your budgetary spends and seeing how you can improve them. There are plenty of small ways such as making your meals instead of buying them or skipping the morning coffee run. These are great starts and a perfect way to start. If you buy coffee four times a week, consider cutting it in half! Or if you buy lunch everyday consider only doing it three times a week. These small changes can make a big difference! Additionally, when you start to cut out these habits when you get the opportunity to indulge it is a fun treat! At the end of each month, see how much you can see how much you have saved!


Read More Books

Reading is a great way to wind down an evening or start off your weekends! Consider trying a book subscription to get a new book to read each month. This is a great way to spend your time, you can start a book club or just do it for you! Additionally, if you are looking to spend less time watching TV this can be a great way to start! Moreover, you can start small and say you will read one book a month or 20 pages a day. The smaller goals can make the bigger picture much more achievable!

Plan a Vacation

With the current state that can be a little difficult to do but it should still be something to consider. Whether it is a weekend getaway, a trip to visit far away family or see a new sight this can be a great way to find something to look forward to. Additionally, if you do consider adding the better budget into your plan this can be a great way to spend some of those savings!

Jumpstart a New Career

Looking for New Opportunities? Consider the new year as a fresh start to find your dream job or candidate! Looking for assistance consider asking PsiNapse to help you find your perfect match!

Create Your Happy Playlist

Listening to music that makes you happy or music that is upbeat has been shown to boost your mood. If you are looking for a new workout playlist, or music to listen to you on your commute, create a new playlist to boost your mood.

Write to Yourself

Journaling everyday can be time consuming and many of us may not have the capability within our schedules. But while we are still in the mindset of creating resolutions, consider writing yourself a letter about what you want to accomplish within the year. Where would you like to be? Moreover, how are you currently feeling and where would you like to see yourself? Then at the end of the year, you can look back on this letter, see all you have accomplished, and it is a great way to motivate yourself and set some goals for yourself.

Wishing a wonderful and productive 2022!


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