Happy Cinco De Mayo!

By: Megan Jones

Happy almost Cinco De Mayo! If you are looking to learn the history, check out our last years article on Cinco de Mayo. If you do celebrate there are plenty of great options to do so! From checking out a local spot, to hosting your own event it is a great day together and enjoy the history and delicious food. If you do opt to host this year, here are some delectable recipes to add to your table!

Cinco de Mayo: Brief History

Despite common belief, Cinco de Mayo is not a celebration of Mexico’s independence. It celebrates the victory of the Battle of Puebla. The battle exemplified Mexico’s resistance to foreign domination of England, France and Spain.

The day was initially only celebrated in Puebla, and over the decades it became a widespread holiday.   

Bean and Corn Salad

A great addition to add some extra veggies into your meal and a crowd favorite among my vegetarian friends!


Elote, is a delicious corn side to add to your table. Given the spring and summer months corn is a great addition!

Fish Tacos

Fish tacos are my personal favorite meal! This is a delicious recipe to try but fish tacos can be exceptionally versatile. You can change of the type of fish, the style of cooking from grilled to fried, and the toppings you add. You can never go wrong with tacos!


Guacamole is always a crowd favorite. Many of us may have our favorite recipe but if you are looking to learn a new recipe or spice your table check out these different variations of guacamole.

Sheet Pan Fajitas

Although this is not your authentic way to cook fajitas, this recipe makes fajitas a breeze.


These are a great addition to your table and adding the pickled onion adds the perfect tangy flavor!

We wish you a wonderful Cinco de Mayo and hope you enjoy the celebration!


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