ConGRADulations Graduating Class of 2021!

Thorwing Grad caps in the air

By: Megan Jones

Dear Graduate,

Graduating, is a monumental moment. In years past, these moments were commemorated with celebrations and parties. However, this year looks a little different. Despite any alterations to the usual festivities, graduates, you should be so proud. Whether you are graduating into a new grade, new school, or finishing school altogether, graduation is a special day that you should take pride in! Take this moment to reflect and recognize your accomplishments throughout this year and congratulate yourself. ConGRADulations class of 2021—you did it!

If it hasn’t been talked about enough COVID was life altering and we have been continuously told to look for the “silver lining”. It is within times of celebration that the juxtaposition of the past and the present differences feel the most prominent. Although, it can be difficult to recognize, you have gained imperative skills because of this pandemic!

Take this time to look back at what you have accomplished through this year! You gained important skills. You learned how to adapt to new environments and protocols, found new avenues to communicate and persevered through numerous changes and challenges. Your tenacity, resiliency, and strength are skills that aren’t taught in a lesson plan at school. Those skills are lifelong that are admired and recognized by any person, institution, and organization.

Now despite the most positive of outlooks, this doesn’t take away from any hardship or difficulty that this year brought. Although, this year was different than expected, do not let it take away from your accomplishments. Be proud of what you have accomplished and then give yourself another pat on the back for everything you have accomplished in the face of this pandemic. You are an impeccably talented individual and deserve to be celebrated!

Advice from a 2020 College Grad:

Here are a few tips to enjoy your graduation, and make the most of it!

  1. Capture the Moment: Whether it is through pictures, yearbooks, letters etc, take time to commemorate these moments, they only come once in a lifetime!
  2. Acknowledge Your Accomplishments: If you’re like me, you are always thinking about “what’s next”, not because you want to skip ahead, but from the anxiety of not knowing where your next steps will take you. Despite, these feelings (although difficult), take this moment to recognize you accomplishments and look how far you have come. Everything you have accomplished, every adversity you have faced, you conquered. You will conquer what is up ahead, I promise. Don’t let the fear of the unknown take anyway from joyous moment that graduating is.
  3. Express Gratitude: Take this time to express gratitude to yourself, your family, mentors, teachers friends, ect. From writing a letter or thanking them for their time and commitment, this is an accomplishment for all of you!
  4. Create Goals: The future is unpredictable as we know, but take time to consider what you would like to do. Nothing has to be set in stone, but consider what your next goal is. Consider adding PsiNapse to the registry and give your grad a head start in their search. An experienced hiring professional will discuss and work with them about the look and feel of their resume and their career goals. It is never too early (or too late) to have this meaningful review and assessment.
  5. Celebrate!: Enjoy your time with friends and family. Take time to celebrate in your own special way!

Congratulations on all you have accomplished, be proud and make time to celebrate!

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