5 Team Building Tips

By: Megan Jones

“Do you prefer working alone or in groups”, is a common interview question to seek insight as to how an individual will work in a team because teams are essential in the work place. Additionally, it is essential that when building a team, managers consider the members they are bringing on. Managers should strategize on how to form a team because creating a successful team ensures a quality product and a successful launch. Therefore, here are 5 team building tips to build your next team!

Why is Team Building Important?

Team building is important for a myriad of reasons. Having a successful team can lead to more quality work, aids employee cohesion, and can be a positive factor in employee retention. Colleagues want a connection with teammates they can count on and work well with. Therefore, if you can build a team or department with cohesion, it can foster a healthy working environment where employees are happy and increase employee retention. Additionally, when it comes to producing quality work, cohesive teams are more likely to produce quality work because they can work together instead of against each other.

How to Build a Great Team?

Try Team Building/Bonding Activities

As a manager it can be your responsibility to rally your team together. Additionally, if you are creating a cross functional team, you want a team that can work well together, even if their departments do not coincide. You can plan activities like:

  • Team Lunches
  • Wellness Walks
  • Happy Hours
  • Community Service/Volunteer Events
  • Picnics
  • Team Outings (such as Museums or Hikes)
  • Holiday Parties

These outings can get people together and people can get to know everyone in a more casual setting. If you are looking for more ideas check out 30 Team Building Ideas for the Workplace

Brainstorm and Ask for Feedback

If you have a project consider getting everyone together and asking everyone to brainstorm their ideas. Ensure you ask for everyone’s opinion. Furthermore, when you make a decision, ask for employee feedback. Ensure you actively listen to your team so you can adequately address their concerns. Although, it can be difficult to brainstorm with large groups it creates an opportunity for employees to provide different perspectives.

Hire Different Personalities/Skill Sets

It may seem counter-intuitive to hire people with different personalities but they can provide different perspectives. Additionally, it can decrease the likelihood of groupthink. During the hiring process consider the traits a candidate states is their strong suit. Ensure that the traits they bring will continue to create a cohesive team.

Celebrate Success and Achievements

Did someone in particular make a recognizable contribution? Whether you are the manager or a teammate, recognize the success of your teammates! It will make teammates feel that their effort is being recognized. Additionally, if an employee takes on a sizable responsibility it will be recognized and rewarded.

Set Team Goals

Setting team goals, allows the team to know the expectations for the group. Additionally, it provides teams the opportunity to set forth an action plan and delegate how to proceed. Furthermore, as a manager this allows you to set deadlines, assign necessary roles, and inform your team the goals.

Go set forth your next star-winning team and enjoy the success that this team can accomplish!

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