5 Reasons it’s Important to Celebrate Success

Work team Celebrating Success

By: Megan Jones

It always feels great when you are succeed in the workplace. Whether it is a successful launch, project, or completing an important internal task, it is an accomplishment you should feel proud of. On a small scale, managers should recognize their employees’ successes. However, employees can also show praise to their managers successes as well! In addition to celebrating one’s success as an organization it is important to celebrate your departments and teams as a whole. When you celebrate your employees, it makes them feel recognized, improves morale, promotes team bonding, and aids in employee retention. Here are 5 reasons it’s important to celebrate success!

Encourages Positivity

Celebrating success encourages positivity throughout your whole organization. It creates the opportunity for employees to recognize each other and their efforts as a team. On a small scale, it can encourage one employee to recognize one another. On a large scale it allows the organization to host an event to celebrate the success. By having an event, it allows employees to take a break from work and spend time getting to know each other. It allows employees to bond and get to know each other on a more personal level. Celebrations are a great way to get employees excited and keep the positivity in the workplace.

Shows Employee Appreciation

Everyone wants to feel recognized and appreciated for their efforts. Not every successful task will need a celebration. However, when you are successful with a big launch or a big rush came and everyone came together, it is a great time show your appreciation. Employees want to feel that their work matters and that they are active contributors to the organization’s success.

If you are looking for ways show your appreciation, consider implementing an online form that allows employees to share their appreciation to each other. Additionally, as a manager, take the time to reflect and recognize your employees’ contributions. If you have the budget, consider bringing a treat to your next team meeting to show your celebration or treat them to lunch. Additionally, employee’s appreciation goes both ways! Tell your manager you appreciate them and their efforts in supporting you. When someone succeeds, it is a success for everyone! Be each other’s cheerleaders, motivate and support each other!

It can Improve Company Culture

Being positive can help spread positivity. The goal with any celebration or recognition is to show appreciation and encourage employees to recognize themselves and each other. Positivity can be infectious, and a small act of kindness and recognition can go a long way in other employees continuing to spread positivity. Additionally, when celebratory events occur it allows employees to take a break from work and get to know their colleagues and begin to form personal bonds and connections with each other.

It can Improve Communication

As we’ve said recognition is important, as employees want to feel seen and heard. However, another underlying reason celebrating success is important is because employees want to feel that their work and voice is valued and heard. By celebrating an employee success, it can make them feel more confident to voice their opinions. It allows management to see another perspective and potential solution. Additionally, as mentioned when hosting a celebratory event, it allows employees to get to know each other personally. Team members who communicate when relaxed and not in a professional setting may improve their communication in the workplace with their colleagues.

Boosting Employee Retention

Happy employees tend to stay within the organization and may even look for growth within their organization before turning to external sources. By celebrating successes employees feel valued and satisfied with their performance and environment.

The power of positivity and celebrating success highly benefits organizations and employee’s satisfaction. Remember the importance of celebrating your employees’ successes and take it as a win for your entire organization!


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