5 Reasons Employees Love Their Job

By: Megan Jones

We spend the majority of our weeks at work, so it is advantageous to work at a place that you enjoy. As an organization there are a plethora of perks you can provide to ensure your employees are happy in their place of work. Reversely as an employee ensure it is important to recognize the positive contributions that your employer provides. If you are a manager looking for ways to increase employee happiness or an employee looking for reminders as to what makes your organization great here are 5 reasons employees love their job.

5 Reasons Employees Love Their Job


The pandemic created a widespread new ideation of work life of working from home. As we returned to normalcy, many employees appreciate the flexibility to work from home when needed. As an organization it may be beneficial to allow your employees to create a hybrid schedule and work from hone when necessary. Allowing employees to have the choice of working from home creates flexibility. Additionally, employees that have far commutes or have to pay a toll everyday may appreciate a flexible work schedule. Moreover, if your employees have proven to be successful working at home, then it something to consider adding to your organization.

Work Life Balance

A good organization will respect your work life boundaries. You should not have to be on a call 24/7. Or expected to answer emails at any time. A great way to gauge an organization on their work ethic is to ask about successful traits for this position. Moreover, if you are taking PTO, you should not be expected to work, answer emails or even consider turning on your work computer. A good manager will respect your time off and allow you to come back refreshed.


An organization may hire a diverse group of people, all with different preferences on company culture. However, a good organization will ensure that the culture is inclusive to everyone and makes everyone comfortable. Whether you are an introvert or extravert the culture should make you feel comfortable, included, and bring joy. If you are extraverted maybe your organization plans after work events. Whereas introverts may prefer working independently on projects. A good organization will understand and implement a positive culture to include all.

Fair Compensation

An employee deserves to be fairly compensated for their work. Employees should not be the sole advocate for their compensation. Your organization and manager should, likewise, understand and be aware of the employees worth and ensure they are being compensated appropriately. If an employee brings attention to their work and asks for a raise it should be considered appropriately and with open communication.

Room to Grow

There is a plethora of perks to promoting within the organization. Organizations are likely to have higher employee retention if you create opportunities to grow. As a manager be an advocate for your employees and consider them for future promotions and professional opportunities. As an employee, if you are looking for growth ask your manager and discuss what opportunities are open.

Creating positive experiences and opportunities for your employees can create an increased positive retention rate. Take a moment to reflect on the opportunities your organization provides. As a manager take a moment to see if there is room to provide your employees with these options. Creating these options may increase the satisfaction your employee feels about their organization.


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