3 Safe Ways to Enjoy the Start of Summer!

Safe Ways to Enjoy the Start of Summer

By Hunter Laine

There’s no point beating around the bush: it’s been a hard few months. And things aren’t going to go back to normal any time soon (if ever). Let’s focus on staying positive, doing what we can to help, and actively pursuing safe ways to enjoy the start of summer! 

Take a Hike! 

No offense intended; June is National Great Outdoors Month! Celebrate by finding a trail, donning your favorite mask, and going off on an adventure! 

A lot of our normal summer standbys are on hold for now, but hiking is one you can still enjoy! And if you’ve never really done much hiking – now is the perfect time to try it out! Here, in the Bay Area, we are so lucky to have some of the most beautiful spots on the planet just a short drive from our front doors.

Check out some of these open trails all around the Bay: 

  • Tilden Park in Berkeley is open for hiking, though many of their normal attractions are closed. The many trails offer all kinds of terrain and beautiful views of San Francisco and the Bay.  
  • Sunol Wilderness Regional Reserve is a beautiful gem tucked away in the foothills. Views of rolling hills and surrounding wilderness make this 6,859-acre a beautiful mini getaway.
  • Mount Umunhum in Santa Clara County is the fourth highest peak in the Santa Cruz Mountains. If you’ve been in the Bay long enough, you’ll probably recognize the cube-building resting at its peak. Don’t worry, the rest of the hike is considerably more green and less industrial!

Whichever trail you choose, you’re in for a gorgeous day of fresh air, incredible views, and a brighter perspective on the world. 

Just remember to bring your mask to wear whenever you are within six feet of anyone from a separate household. Bring hand sanitizer and follow the rules for trail and COVID-19 safety. Before heading out, make sure to check updated safety, trail, and parking information for the park, as this is a rapidly evolving situation.

Can’t make it out for a real hike? Take a virtual tour of a National Park and you can “travel” to anywhere in the country and see the beauty of the great outdoors. 

Enjoy Your Local Farmers’ Market. 

It’s official. Farmers’ Markets have been declared an essential public service! Many are now open around the Bay Area with safety precautions in place to keep vendors and customers safe. Additional spacing, constant signage to remind us, and a limit on people per stall all help to make this summer staple safe and possible. Support your local growers and makers at the farmers’ market nearest you! At my own local farmers’ market this past weekend, I found some particularly ripe tomatoes that made the perfect fresh, summer salsa to put on anything (and everything)!  

Find out which farmers’ markets are open near you here

Support local restaurants – order takeout and have a picnic in the park.

We all have our favorite local restaurant (some of us have many ????‍♀️). You know, the ones that would devastate you to see shut down when quarantine ends? If you can, support them! Order your favorite menu item (or six!) for takeout, pick up the food, and head to your nearest open, local park. Restaurant ambiance is nice, but not much beats a blanket, a breezy evening after an unreasonably hot day, and the peaceful sound of birds while you devour your favorite food. Try this out for a date night, or some quiet self-care. Maybe bring the book you’re reading and relax into the beginning of summer. 

There’s a lot that we can’t control these days, but it’s important to focus on what we can change and make a concerted effort to stay engaged. The world will recover and we will all be a part of creating the new normal. Hopefully, we’ll collectively and consciously work to make normal just a little bit kinder. In the meantime, start enjoying your summer now! But, in the words of all advertising for our favorite summer beverages, “Enjoy Responsibly”.

(Oh, and when you’re back in the office? Get in touch with us so we can work together to rebuild your company stronger and more stable than ever before!)  

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